10 Common Signs You're 'Parenting' Your Partner, According to Psychologists

Taking on All Responsibilities:

If you find yourself doing the majority of household chores, financial planning, or decision-making, it could indicate an unhealthy power dynamic.

Constant Nagging:

If you frequently nag your partner to complete tasks or behave in a certain way, it may suggest you're in a parenting role.

Ignoring Their Input:

Disregarding your partner's opinions or not valuing their input can create a dynamic where you're making all the decisions.


If you constantly worry about your partner's well-being to the point of being overprotective, it can feel like parenting rather than being in an equal adult partnership.

Emotional Control:

Attempting to manage your partner's emotions or telling them how to feel is a sign of a parent-child dynamic.

Setting Rules and Curfews:

1. If you establish rules or curfews for your partner, it can be an indication of controlling behavior. 2. 

Giving Unsolicited Advice:

1. Constantly offering advice without being asked can be seen as condescending and parental.

Financial Control

1. If you control your partner's finances or give them an allowance, it's a sign of treating them like a child.

Failure to Communicate

Avoiding open and honest communication, resorting to giving orders rather than having respectful discussions.


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