10 Things That All Europeans Have But American’s Don’t. It’s A Luxury For Them.

Exquisite Cuisine

European cuisine is a gastronomic delight, from rich pastries in Paris to savory tapas in Spain. Experience the flavors Americans crave.


Free healthcare in Europe ensures Europeans' well-being. Learn about the accessible medical services that Americans envy.

Public Transportation

Efficient and affordable public transport networks make commuting a breeze in Europe. Explore the convenience lacking in American cities.

Education System

Europe offers top-tier education without crippling student debt. Discover the quality education that American students dream of.

Work-Life Balance

Shorter workweeks and generous vacation days define European work-life balance. Understand the balance that eludes many Americans.

Historical Heritage

Europe's rich history is embedded in every cobblestone. Dive into the historical marvels that surpass American heritage sites.


Europeans effortlessly switch between languages. Explore the linguistic prowess Americans admire but rarely attain.

Fashion and Style

European fashion sets global trends. Witness the chic styles that Europeans effortlessly carry, leaving Americans in awe.

Social Safety Nets

Robust social safety nets protect Europeans in times of need. Uncover the security that many Americans long for but rarely experience.


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