9 of The “Dumbest” Things People Actually Believe Are Real

The Earth is Flat

Many still believe our planet is flat, despite centuries of scientific evidence. Learn why this ancient notion is far from reality.

Moon Landing Hoax

Dive into the conspiracy theories surrounding the moon landing and understand the compelling evidence that proves its authenticity.

Humans Use Only 10% of Their Brain

Explore the origins of this popular myth and find out how modern neuroscience debunks this misconception.

Vaccines Cause Autism

Delve into the extensive research that dismisses the link between vaccines and autism, ensuring you make informed health choices.

Napoleon Bonaparte Was Short

Unravel the truth about Napoleon's height and debunk the myth that he was significantly shorter than his contemporaries.

Bats are Blind

Contrary to popular belief, bats aren't blind. Discover the incredible echolocation abilities that make bats fascinating creatures.

The Great Wall of China is Visible from Space

Learn why this architectural marvel isn't visible from space without aid and understand the science behind this myth.

Humans Swallow 8 Spiders a Year While Sleeping

Explore the origins of this creepy bedtime myth and find solace in the fact that spiders don't secretly invade our mouths.


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