Common Cat Myths That Simply Aren't True

Cats Always Land on Their Feet:

While cats do have a unique skeletal structure and a righting reflex that often allows them to land on their feet when they fall, it's not a guarantee. High falls can seriously injure a cat.

Milk is Good for Cats:

While kittens drink their mother's milk, many adult cats are lactose intolerant. This means that cow's milk can upset their stomach and cause diarrhea.

Cats are Low Maintenance Compared to Dogs:

While cats don't need to be walked like dogs, they still need social interaction, play, regular vet check-ups, and care. They're not necessarily "easier" pets.

Cats Hate Water:

While many cats dislike water, this isn't universal. Some cats enjoy water and might even play in it.

Purring Only Means a Cat is Happy:

Cats do often purr when content, but they can also purr when frightened, in pain, or when they're ill.

Cats are Solitary Animals:

While cats are often seen as independent, many are social and enjoy the company of other cats or humans. They can form very close bonds with their families.

All Cats Hate Dogs:

Cats and dogs can get along quite well if introduced properly and based on their individual personalities. It's more about their personal experiences and socialization than an inherent dislike.

Black Cats are Bad Luck:

This is a superstition that varies from culture to culture. In many places, black cats are considered good luck! Regardless, they're just as loving and deserving of homes as cats of any other color.

Cats Will Suffocate Babies:

The myth goes that cats will lie on a sleeping baby's face, either out of jealousy or to "suck out their breath". This is purely a myth. However, it's always a good idea to supervise interactions between pets and young children.

Cats are Nocturnal:

While cats are more active during the dawn and dusk (known as being crepuscular), they aren't strictly nocturnal. Their sleeping habits can adjust based on their environment and routine.

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