The state with the most liberals isn't California or New York. See how every state ranks, according to data.


When it comes to liberalism in the United States, the assumption might be that California or New York takes the top spot. However, the reality may surprise you. In this article, we'll dive into data that ranks every U.S. state based on liberalism, providing a unique perspective on the political landscape.


Our rankings are based on a combination of factors, including voting patterns, policy decisions, and political demographics.


Vermont often leads the nation in liberal policies, with a strong emphasis on healthcare, environmental protection, and progressive social issues.


Known for its progressive policies and educated population, Massachusetts consistently ranks high in liberalism.


Hawaii's commitment to environmental conservation and social programs places it among the most liberal states in the country.


While California is often associated with liberalism, it faces competition from other states in recent years.


Oregon's liberal reputation is bolstered by its progressive stance on issues like healthcare and environmental protection.


With a strong tech industry and progressive urban centers, Washington state is a hub for liberal thought.


Maryland's proximity to the nation's capital and diverse population contribute to its liberal policies.


A growing influx of young professionals has made Colorado a more liberal state in recent years.

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